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Kevin Slick: Home

Kevin Slick is a parent, musician, composer, visual artist, writer and teacher sometimes all at the same time.He is currently the President of the Colorado Bluegrass Music Society.  Welcome to this website where you will find examples of his varied and extensive creative work.  For more up to date information join Kevin on Facebook or follow on Twitter @KevinSlick1, or Instagram -kgslick.

Check out these blogs from Kevin Slick;

More Pete - May 7, 2019

Here are a few blog posts I wrote five years ago when Pete passed. Still relevant today.

100 Years of Pete - May 7, 2019

This past week I spent more time than usual playing the music of Pete Seeger so it was a good week. May 3, 2019 would have been Pete's 100th birthday. Here's a playlist of some of the songs I played this week as well as some from the past that I learned from Pete.

Several years ago I recorded this version of one of Pete's tunes and had the chance to play it for him. He liked the fact that you could dance to this version.

That good old "alien sounding music" - February 21, 2018

I was interviewed on the ever-changing world of bluegrass music, how I first discovered the genre and what our band, The Savage Hearts is doing these days.

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