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Kevin Slick: Guestbook


October 16, 2008

Music and paintings are different, but they are both art, and they are both beautiful. Thanks.

Steven Morris

June 22, 2008

For got to give you the You Tube Link.

Steven Morris

June 22, 2008

WTF !&!*@&! When did you move to Boulder? I just found your web site by way of searching on Neo Pseudo on the web.

I'm in Arvada. Moved out of Boulder a couple of years ago to work in Denver.

I just posted the demo video I did for Neo Pseudo in '96 so some friends in another band can see it. I may be doing a similar style demo for them.
- Drop me a line, Steven

Kathy Muscovitch

March 29, 2008

Hi Kevin! How are you? Sounds like life is good in Colorado. Happy for you! We're fine here. Just read your journal about Aug. of 1971 and Roberto Clemente. What a great story. Our youngest, Stephen, 11 years old, favorite player is Roberto Clemente. I told him the many times I saw the Bucs play at Three Rivers. We love this time of year...our house is fully immersed into Baseball. Both sons play...and Ed & I are their biggest fans...and we love it. And I personally want to enjoy every minute, because I Know these times will go way too fast. Love your site, Kevin. Take care.

Laurie Dameron

December 28, 2007

You are so creative! Iwonder if you also designed the site - it's very nice and simple. Ihave a similar earthy orange color at my

Love your music and the art!!!

See ya around!

Laurie D

Keith Robinson

November 29, 2007

Hey Kevin!

This is a great site! I really enjoyed your art! I had a great time playing music a few weeks ago! I look forward to playing again soon.


Ron Adams

November 15, 2007

You really nailed the Thanksgiving thing into perspective. Let's make sure we enjoy the big things while we're here and not let too many of the little things distract us for too long.

Right with you, Kev.


Justin Grabell and Alexa Fox

October 17, 2007

You were my voice when i couldnt speak

Natalie Suder

October 17, 2007

hi mr. slick, i don't know if you remember me but i am natalie. i just found your website. write back!

Tula Fitzgerald

June 7, 2007

Came across you highway paintings. pulled forward memories of a time in my life when I was on the road. The Falcon song is especialliy pleasing to me too.

I hope you and your muse keep on for a long journey!


May 23, 2007




Joe Pillot

May 4, 2007

Great stuff..!
A Little Song In The Morning, Eli Running and Falcon Song just to name a few, quite nice.
Keep up the great work.
Amazing what we can find out there cyberspace...!


February 18, 2007

Kevin, your performance of walk away rene. . .ran across it searching for the original on Rhapsody. . .unbelievable, the chord of true grief that echoes through it. . .just really moving. . .and healing. . .thanks

Kris Boose

February 7, 2007

Good to read you're doing well out West. I'm holding down the fort back East here in Happy Valley at your old Comic Store (Book Swap). Thanks for redoing some older Neo Psuedo Cd's...what a great reminder of some fun times! Be well Kevin! Peace - Kris


January 24, 2007

Hi guys you have intersting site
A loy of thanks.


December 7, 2006

Hi Kevin! It's a wonderful site. Warms my heart, floods my noggin with dear old images and boosts me forward too. Thanks for that.


April 29, 2006

Hi Mr. Slick,
It's Jessica from your 4th grade class. Do you still remember me? Well, I was just listening to the CD you made for our class with all the songs we sang. I hope you're doing well in Colorado. I love your music!
-- Jessica --

Emi Boscamp

March 17, 2006

swimmy knew if we all got together we could put the big fish on the run! swimmy knew if we all got together we could be bigger than anyone! swimmy knew, swimmy was smart. swimmy had brains and swimmy had heart. swimmy knew if we all got together we could put the big fish on the run!

justin grabell and alexa fox

February 18, 2006

hi mr.slick--
nice website. havent seen you since 5th grade.

Manuel,Nakai,Ezequiel,and Jose

December 17, 2005

We found your website!We are so happy!We hope you have a great break.You are a very good teacher and a singer! Thank you,Manuel,Nakai,Ezequiel,Jose!

December 17, 2005

Hi I know you are a teacher!!!Manuel from your third grade class.

May 11, 2005

Your site looks great Kevin. Subtle and creative (just like you). I'll never forget you playing your nylon string guitar in the silo on the farm. Nice reverb; just duck when the pigeons fly.

-Ron Adams