A New Christmas Story

The junior high members of Boulder Friends Meeting wrote a little modern re-telling of the familiar Christmas story.  I helped a little, but it was mostly their ideas.  Several people have asked to have a copy so I'll post it here and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.

MODERN Christmas Story

One day Ceasar tweeted his followers of which there were many “Yo! It’s time to pay your taxes #ObeyMeOrElse

All over the world people logged onto Travelocity for the best deals in getting back to their hometowns.

And Joe googled the best prices on his iPhone which was a gift from his fiance Mary and booked a flight on Southwest airlines for behold they had no baggage fees and Mary and Joe were rather poor after all.

While they were traveling they searched Craig’s List for baby items and hoped it wouldn’t be born on the plane.

Alas when they arrived they found they had no room as Joe had neglected to click on the book a room button while booking the flight online.

So Mary gave birth to her first born son in the back of a Costco store, because after all they do have ginormous panda bears and more diapers than you’d ever need free samples and those incredible peanut butter filled pretzels.

And there were in same country associates working in the Targets, WalMarts and King Soopers for the stores were open 24-7 when lo, a mass text was sent out from the social media angels
And it said “Hey get on over to Costco, there’s something amazing going on and it’s not a sale!”

And so they want and found Mary and Joe and Jesus in the Costco walking the aisles collecting diapers, rattles, toys, cribs, pacifiers and other assorted baby items.
And suddenly there was a flash mob singing “Glory to God” and posting Instagrams of the baby online.

A video of the event from Joe iPhone went viral and all was well.

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