Big Bash in Pittsburgh

I'm off to my home state of Pennsylvania this weekend to play my new film score for The Hunchback of Notre Dame at the international film conference known as The Monster Bash. You can find more info at the DVDs will be available soon as well as a soundtrack CD. If you're in northern Colorado in July stop by Rhythm on the River in Longmont on July 8th. I'll be making my return to the concert stage as a singer-songwriter-neo-folky kind of guy at that gig. I can't honestly remember my last solo gig as a singer so it should be fun...or strange, interesting at least! Fans of Neo Pseudo I've been going through the archives of twenty year old video tapes to find what we can salvage for a 20th anniversery DVD. Also expect a few new releases from the Neo vault this summer. That's all the news for now - Remember what the Carter Family said - "Keep on the sunnyside"

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