End of Summer and I remember

Les Paul died on my birthday this year. I think I may have seen him on my birthday once. When I lived in New York I went over to the Iridium Jazz Club to see him many nights. I wonder if he kept the drawings I did of him. One night I was drawing during the show and afterwards he asked for a couple of the sketches. My birthday is a good time for me to think about time and how we move through the years. Perhaps it was this nostalgic mood that had me re-listen to my cover versions of songs by the well known and loved State College, PA band Cartoon. I posted them on my page at MySpace - so you can have a listen if you like. The crickets are singing outside the window tonight, the air is still and warm, the last rays of sun have gone behind the mountains to seek the farthest shore to the west ... "As far as Selidor" now that reminds me ...

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