I know the sun is waiting to shine.

It's been a while since my last update so I hope you're doing well in the world. Here's what I'm up to; I've been recording tunes for the next edition of Glass Flesh. This is the series of Robyn Hitchcock tribute albums that have been coming out for years now. I did a few tunes on earlier releases as well. If you do a search under Glass Flesh I think you can listen to some of the previous releases. I have some recent recordings available for listening on my Myspace page at Many of these are in the rough mix stage, fans of Neo Pseudo may be interested in hearing some old favorites like Whistling Eyes again. For the most part, the recordings on Myspace that sound like a whole band playing are indeed a whole band - Big Sky Radio. This is myself, Michelle Allen and Jay Allen playing and singing. The other tracks are solo banjo pieces. Speaking of Neo Pseudo you can find all available CDs at this address - My solo recordings are available through just about any download place like iTunes or you can download as well as buy actual CDs from I've been working on music for another one of Brian Nichol's movies, this one entitled "The Mummy in the Maze" which will be shown at this year's Monster Bash in June. The images I've seen look excellent, it should be a great homage to classic horror films and just a lot of fun. I've also been doing some writing. New songs, poems and articles for several magazines. I have two longer articles in the new issue of Monster Bash #10, you can find it here I also participated in a documentary film about the Monster Bash film convention. You'll see me waxing poetic about monsters and classic films, plus my music is used extensively throughout the film (You'll hear the opening riff of my song "Night Radio" about 50 times!) You can get it here After two sunny, fairly warm days in a row I'm willing to believe spring may be coming. Have a wonderful day and drop me a line sometime to say what you're up to.

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