Moment of Change

Moment of Change I’m always looking for the moment of change, the moment when change begins. The crest of a wave, the edge of winter, the break of day. There is a powerful stillness on the edge, a powerful silence too. The moment of flight, hanging in the balance. There’s a moment before falling when you fly, when gravity forgets you. A powerful still moment, the moment of change. This is when we slip inside time. When we open time like a curtain and crawl inside, in between seconds, in between time. There are words underneath your skin, breathing underneath your skin, waiting for the moment and changing. Constantly changing. With each breath, the air changes around us. The sky becomes fuller, the air around us ripples and changes. This is the time for faith, when the balance tilts and change begins. Pure energy released and moving the world. But in that moment there is only silence and stillness. Pure stillness,. Pure silence, the power of the universe waiting in the falling of a leaf.

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