New albums available

This will be a news rather than views entry. Four new albums are up on the CDBaby page. There's "Thunderstorm, Radio and Keyboards" which is an all instrumental album similar to some of my film score work. It's full of sonic audio landscapes from gentle mood pieces to strange journeys into sound. Also new to the page is "Laughing Symbols:NoSono by Neo Pseudo. This is the classic collection of early Neo Pseudo recordings that gathered rave reviews for it's quirky, delightful tunes. Also from the Neo vaults comes "Folks like Us" and "Postcard" two albums recorded in the early 1990s when the band had re-lcated to Philadelphia. "Folks" features the acoustic side of the band as they sounded during their residency at Makams Kitchen and their gigs at Godfrey Daniels. "Postcard" features tracks that were recorded as a follow up to "Ritual Laughter" and several studio tracks recorded at the Pseudo House. This album also includes the famous version of "Riot in Heaven" recorded live in one of their return shows at Penn State - the ultimate Pseudo wackiness!

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