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Check out new albums at CDBaby! "Winter Song" my album of traditional Christmas music in a new-folk sort of setting is now out on CD. You'll also find the classic Neo Pseudo album "Vanity Frizbee" Look for other gems from the Neo Pseudo closet coming soon. On a lighter note here's my thoughts on the recent World Series. For those of you who missed it or didn't really care, the Chicago White Sox swept the Houston Astros in four straight games, each of which could have easily been won by the Astros if they had managed to score any of the hundred or so runners left on base. My theory is this: God has cursed the Astros for intorducing "Astro-Turf" or artificial grass to baseball and organized sports in general. Their painful losses and the fact that they were teased with many possibilities to win the games is evidence of the magnitude of their original or in this case artificial sin! Here's another thought - something is wrong with this society when it's harder to adopt a homeless cat than it is to have a child. No one asked me what I planned to do with my son if he threw up on the furniture, so why do I have to fill out a three page questionaire with questions like "What will you do if your cat scratches the furniture?" or " Did you imagine having an indoor, outdoor/indoor/ outdoor, indoor on weekdays, outdoors on weekends, travelling cat, cat to play with in the park..." What? I could hardly make heads or tails of the absurd questions...what did I imagine? Well, I can "imagine" a cat that can fly, but that's not what I'm expecting! As you might guess I was recently turned down by the shelter for adopting a cat. Get this - the shelter will call you if they accept you, but don't have to time to call and tell you if you don't pass the review of the almighty judge of potential cat owners...something is wrong here! Oh yeah, I almost forgot - how am I supposed to have three references from vets if I don't already own a pet? So, no cat yet, I'll look to the newspaper and notices in coffee shops someplace where the pet nazi's aren't watching! Since writing this first part I discovered that the local Humane Society in Boulder Valley is a much more friendly place to get a pet, so as I write this "Garbo" is crawling all over the desk and meowing along with the stereo.

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