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I'm back on the air. In case you didn't know I worked in radio for about ten years on the air and as a writer and producer. I grew up listening to the radio in the 1960s and 70s. I would sleep out in my treehouse on summer nights and listen to the magic sounds drifting in through the two inch speaker on my radio with the antenna pointed to the stars. Cousin Brucie would speak to me from New York City, I'd hear the sound of Philly Soul on WFIL, CKYW would come in all the way from Canada. There was the "Groovology" show on the local station WMAJ, not to mention the wonderful sound of baseball games on radio. Even today, the sound of a crowd in the background and the slow measured cadance of an announcer describing the pitcher's preperation for the next pitch is one of the most beautiful sounds I know. And yet, as much as I loved the experience I don't recall that it was a dream of mine to be on the air. I was probably more interested in being a rock and roll guitar player (which I also got to do as a full time job for several years) I stumbled into radio actually. My friend Ron Adams was already working for radio stations in State College, PA, my hometown and he eventually pulled me into doing commercials or small bits on the air reading the weather etc. Soon after that, with art teaching jobs in short supply, I found myself working full time on the air. My last regular broadcast was in 1991 and while I've missed the excitement of the medium, I haven't missed the stressful, uncreative world that radio was becoming even in my last days on the air. Fast forward to 2009, the same Ron Adams now owns a station in the lovely, small town of Ligonier PA and since it's automated, or pre-recorded it means that I can "do" a show even from my home in Colorado. A good microphone, digital recording and the internet are all that's needed. So tune me in sometime on AM 1620 in the Laurel Valley of Pennsylvania or at on the internet 12 midnight to 5am Eastern Time Mondays through Fridays.

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