poetry month begins early this year

i remember a few years ago when I was meeting with a group of creative folks we gave ourselves the assignment to create something new each day. This year I'm going to try to post a new piece of writing per day from now until the end of April. For those of you who don't teach writing you may not know that April is national poetry month...but it is. So here's my first entry. Now a disclaimer -I'm either editing something from a journal, or creating something new. So I'm not attempting to write a new piece every day. I'm using this as a prompt to get more of my writing out into the world. So here goes- Southern Utah Journal This is my cathedral Wide Beautiful Wild This is my dream land visited by spirit gods long gone and yet to be There is no time No passing of time There is only a sound and no sound in this land, silence is a sound in this land there is stillness and power in this land the patterns of sky and rock are joined forever My eyes walk high ridges cutting through ageless stone my eyes walk with the older spirits and we follow the same patterns of rising stars of rock edges against sky My cathedral god mountains rising saints and angles towering watching My cathedral beyond dreams only in dreams There is no time time has been laid aside forgotten by these solid living gods who spread dreams across the ages one slow life dream one slow word spoken forever

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