Random Images from an Unmarked Box

I've completed my latest album entitled "Random Images from an Unmarked Box" I thought the title was appropriate because I was working from scraps of lyrics and musical ideas, improvising and putting them together, often without a clear idea of how they would come out. I tried out some things that just didn't seem to work so they were put away for another time. If I improvised something that felt like it worked then I would add a few other instruments, yes, I'm playing everything again on this album. I was greatly inspired by the early recordings of artists like Cat Stevens, Jim Croce, or Bob Dylan were you would generally have guitar and vocals with maybe another guitar or piano but no big productions. I also kept the album to...well, album length. While I appreciate the amount of music you can cram onto a CD I love that you can listen to an album like "Tea for the Tillerman" in one setting and take it all in, so this new one is only 31 minutes. For now you can hear all the tracks at It will soon be available in physical form from CDBaby and through all the outlets like iTunes, Rhapsody, etc.

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