Re-Birthday Re-Visited

Many people have asked about the whole "Re-Birthday"thing so I thought a posting to that effect might be in order. I think it was a success, but what was it? For me, it was about being myself and celebrating that. The best expression of that happened on the week of my birthday at the Boulder Theatre. I was standing in the front row for Patti Smith Group. During the song "Gloria" Patti was singing on her knees in front of the monitors about six inches away from me, when it came time for the final line she looked up at me and offered the mic for me to sing along with her on "Jesus died for somebody's sins but not mine" Besides the fact that Patti Smith has been a mentor since I first heard that line as a teenager more than thirty years ago, it was the perfect line for stating who I am. Coming from a fundamentalist background, it was and still is a statement of identity. It was also a perfect way to affirm that I am my own person, "My sins belong to me" as the song says. My goal has been to learn to read my own feelings and express them clearly. Singing that line at the concert was a perfect way to celebrate. Like another great poet said " I celebrate myself"

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