Summer's End

The last days of summer are flying by here in the Rockies. As a school teacher I'm perhaps more keenly aware of the end of August and the beginning of the new school year. I've always loved the coming of fall. I grew up in a college town and autumn always brought the excitement of new students arriving, football games and the changing colors of the leaves. Living in Colorado now I don't get the changing colors so much, but that crisp feeling of cooler weather especially in the mornings still means the possibilities of new beginings. The Bash in Pittsburgh was great fun, you can find some photos of me wearing Lon Chaney's hat from London After Midnight at the Creepy Classics website (which you can find on the links page) My new score for Hunchback of Notre Dame should be available on DVD soon - look for it at Creepy Classics. I'll be starting on some new films for next summer's Bash soon. I'll be re-doing Phantom of the Opera and possibly some short films based on Poe's poems from the early days of the silent era. I've also compiled some old Neo Pseudo video onto DVD, at present you can get copies by emailing me. So enjoy these last days of late sunsets, buzzing inscects and long shadows on baseball fields.

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