It's summer and I've been spending most days tossing the wiffle ball, throwing the frisbee or helping my son learn how to ride a two wheeler. When not doing that I've been working on movie music - This year's silent film is The Magician, which will have it's premier in June at The Monster Bash. I've done music for two short indie films, one a documentary, the other a 50's sci-fi spoof called "Attack of the 50 ft Ghoul Girl". There's also the new Lon Chaney double feature - Outside The Law and The Trap from featuring my music. The Slick Allen Trio continues to spin our folky music around the front range and at least two of us are going east this summer to play some shows. You can find out more about the band at trio. One of the most meaningful works I've taken on this summer has been writing a memorial or requiem for Forrest Ackerman. This will be premiered in June. I used sound bites from an interview I conducted with Mr. Sci-Fi and then used the music to express what the words could not. I hope you're having a wonderful summertime, drop me a line - come on out to a show, have a good time!

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