Obviously I've not been very good at updating the front page of my website.  To be honest if you really want to find out what's going on day to day for me it's best to find me on Facebook.  It is summertime and I've been traveling so that might count as some excuse for not updating things around here.  I haven't heard any complaints though so I'm guessing no one has been dying for news.

Here's a link to a recent video I recorded:

If you look through my YouTube Channel you'll find lot of videos from this summer.

One of the very wonderful things that happened this summer was being awarded a "Forry".  This is a lifetime achievement award for work in the classic horror/sci-fi realm, named after Forrest J Ackerman (Mr. Sci-Fi himself)  I guess it says something about you when you're at a stage of life where you get a "lifetime" achievement award, but I'm just delighted to have been honored.

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