I was watching my son outside the Quaker Meeting House here in Boulder where we attend. He was running and laughing and then twisting, falling and rolling in the leaves that still carpeted the ground. It was one of those autumn days where the slightest hint of chill drifts in the air along side the still bright sunshine. Standing there on the edge of the Rocky Mountains I had a thought that there's nothing more beautiful than this, no place I'd rather be. I thought "Oh yeah, it's the little things that count, I am grateful for life's little blessings" But then I thought, "No, there really is nothing little about this" Sunshine, laughter, rolling in leaves, running crazy across the yard with friends, these are the big things in life! And I am grateful and thankful. I hope you find blessings surrounding you daily and your hearts glow with gratitude in this season of Thanksgiving.

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