To finish the unfinished if it is ever finished

I have started recording some new old songs this past week. I had several songs in notebooks that were mostly fragments of ideas. Some actually had music written down but mostly they were just sketches. For several years I thought I would make an album of one or the other groups of these songs, all the break up songs, all the songs about love, all the songs about whatever and there never seemed to be enough of any one subject. So this week I began turning on the mics and having a go at whatever page I opened up to, if there were only a few words I either just sang them or made up more. I recorded first takes pretty much and then began overdubbing in small doses. I've been re-inspired by many of the albums I listened to twenty and thirty years ago that featured vocals and guitar with perhaps a bass or second guitar added in. I'm aiming for that kind of sound, also a spontaneous feel that hopefully will come with the highly improvised style I've been working with. I expect to have several songs ready for listening within the month and more available by summer's end.

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