Wasn't That A Time?

I couldn't begin to tell you all the times I cried today. Seeing Barack Obama hug John Lewis on the steps of the capital, hearing Aretha sing, listening to the soaring melody of "Simple Gifts", hearing the thoughtful, soulful, heartfelt words of change, seeing the ocean of beautiful humanity that stretched across the mall and truly transformed the city and made a people's history. That's only some of the moments I'll remember and cherish. But alone in my car tonight driving home after watching the replay with friends I was listening to Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes singing "Wake Up Everybody" and I was so filled with joy I just started shouting and crying and singing. The words of the song where like dynamite exploding a dam inside me that held back joy, hope and faith in the future. Isn't this a Time? Isn't this a wonderful time?

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