well, what do you know?

As the election day drew nigh I was, quite honestly, afraid to believe the predictions of a democratic take-over. And now, after several weeks and a few resignations later I have to admit I am basking in the good news! Of course it's just the beginning. Call, write or email your representatives, especially if they're part of the freshman class. They are our "hired help" as Will Rogers used to say. They should be working for us. I've taken the time to visit my congress people in Washington on several occassions and I would recommend that everyone do the same, it's an eye-opening experience and well worth the time and effort. On the local level - it's lovely here in the Rockies, the snow on the mountains glows with the pink of sunrise while the full moon is still visible above the mountains. My son and I have been decorating the tree and building a new table for our model trains. I've put together two new DVDs of my former band Neo Pseudo and will be finishing several new silent films for DVD with new music soundtracks. I hope you enjoy the season and have a wonderful beginning to 2007.

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