words and new sounds

I had a goal this year of being published in at least three different magazines and with the new issue of Scary Monsters I've reached third base. Here's the link to the new issue: I wrote an article about filmmaker Kevin Corcoran (a member of the Ultra Secret Society of Those Named Kevin) I've been in the studio as well creating tracks for the next Robyn Hitchcok tribute album Glass Flesh Volume Four. You can hear what I've done so far at my Myspace page at Looking ahead to the summer already I'll be playing at the Monster Bash Film Convention once again, this year doing my "Moon Suite" to accompany "A Trip To The Moon" and we've already laid plans for a return engagement of "Nosferatu" for 2011. Of all the film scores I've done "Nosferatu" is by far my favorite one to play and listen to. I have a show of some recent paintings up at the school where I work so this is a pretty productive time creativity wise. It never seems to be enough though, and I'm sure more is on the way. I have plans for at least two new albums by the end of summer and considering it's been six years since "Dust Tracks on the Road" it's about time I think.

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