High Mountain Hay Fever

high mountain Mandosavage HMHF

High Mountain Hay Fever continues to be one of the highlights of my year. Ron Thomason is not only a delightful performer with Dry Branch Fire Squad and as a brilliant comic but he programs an exceptional collection of diverse and yet connected and cohesive music at this festival. The relatively small scale of the festival means that fans can chat with artists in a casual atmosphere and the views around the festival site are spectacular. 

Westcliffe sunset

I played this year with The Savage Hearts Trio of Annie Savage, Tracy Lynn and Greg Blake. Bassist extraordinaire Keith Summers was along for the ride as well. The act was billed as "The Savage Hearts Trio with Kevin Slick". I noticed on the schedule for this. year's RockyGrass festival I'm on the bill for Sunday as "Pete and Joan Wernick with Kevin Slick". I'm thinking of maybe starting a new band called "With Kevin Slick".


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