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Old Song, New Video 

As I share in the intro to this song I started writing this a long time ago and it has evolved over time although the basic structure of "Far Away" and "Here To Stay" has remained the same. We've recently worked it up in Orchard Creek Band and here's the first live performance from our recent livestream show.

Jesus The Refugee 

I'm continuing my string of single releases, recording at home and putting out a new song monthly (or just about monthly) This time is my song "Jesus The Refugee" which will be available on all the streaming platforms on my birthday August 13th. You can see the video for the song right here.

New Single! 

I just put out a new single, actually a song that I've been working on for several decades. I first started writing the words after hearing a great story about Frederick Douglass who wen asked what could be done to make this a better world replied "Agitate!". For years I had the basic lyrics and would sometimes perform it as a rap, spoken word piece. A year or two ago I decided I wanted to make it into something I could play with acoustic instruments and that was the birth of the current recording. I'm…

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New Art 

I've been working in the studio, working on paper, same old materials - paints, pastels, chalk, ink etc. I'm often looking for a mix of gritty and fragile. Here are some recent works on paper.  Mixed media 9x12"

New Art Available 

I've been posting new designs, slogans, comics etc. that you can have printed on t-shirts, coffee mugs, or framed art to hang about yourself or your house at my Artist Shop Check it out and maybe you'll want to proudly wear some Kevin Slick originals, boldly saying...something.

New Tunes 

Notice the title says "New Tunes" that's because these are all instrumental tunes, no words. I've been working on crafting tunes that are easy to play and hopefully easy to love. I've been studying the old fiddle tunes that many of us learned when we first started playing mandolin or fiddle. Here's one called Walking on the 4th of July,  a slow one called Sunrise and one that features mandolin and banjo playing the melody called Mountain Laurel. Coming up with titles is one of the hardest things about…

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