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Singing Woody 

Many of Woody Guthrie's songs will live forever and that's a wonderful thing. Not so wonderful however is the fact that many of his songs remain so relevant. I've been thinking of Vigilante Man this past week for obvious reasons. I do it here with more of a minor key melody that Woody used, but I'll bet he varied his songs from time to time. Also added some new words which I know he did all the time. You can watch the video here

Orchard Creek Band videos 

This was a busy summer for Orchard Creek Band, finally had a time to edit a few videos from some of the lovely places we played. You can see them here

Political Ramblings 

Since my Facebook account was hacked and snatched I'm trying to write more of my observations on a blog I started sometime ago but have neglected. Go ahead and hold me to a promise to write more in that format. You can read my latest piece here where I think out loud about being political 

Social Media Woes 

I recently joined the prestigious and gigantic list of people who have had their Facebook account hacked. If you've been spared this delightful occurrence you might not be aware that Facebook, yes, that same multi-billion dollar Facebook that has become a universal tool for communication has zero customer support. Imagine if your phone service could be switched off with no recourse, no system to get it back online. How about having a credit card number stolen and no way to close the account and stop someoneā€¦

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More Places To Find My Music 

I've been re-releasing a lot of old music lately. These are recordings from the 1980s and 90s that originally came out on cassette (the dominant media of the day) and were recorded primarily on four-track cassette machines like the Tascam Porta-One. You can find some at Bandcamp and SoundCloud

Recent Art Work 

Here are a few recent works. As usual, I'm working on paper with mixed media. 

Jesus The Refugee is honorably mentioned 

Jesus The Refugee was chosen as one of three honorable mentions by this year's judges; Peter Rowan, Alice Gerrard, and Joe Newberry. I'm so happy to be recognized in a contest that honors the great Hazel Dickens, a mighty force in people's music, a singer and writer of some hard hitting songs.

Orchard Creek EP is streaming all over the world 

"Walk in the Woods", the first recording from Orchard Creek Band is available on all streaming platforms as of January 15, 2021. Give a listen, tell your friends, call your local bluegrass radio shows and ask for it. Click here to listen on Spotify. 

Orchard Creek Band EP is Ready to Roll 

Hi friends, 

We've been working on this recording for some time now, getting the parts all assembled amidst the pandemic and it's almost ready to start streaming all over the world. In the meantime you can do us a big favor by pre-saving the recording on Spotify. This way you'll get to hear it as soon as it's released on January 15, 2021. Hopefully we'll be able to see you all in person this year.