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New Art Available 

I've been posting new designs, slogans, comics etc. that you can have printed on t-shirts, coffee mugs, or framed art to hang about yourself or your house at my Artist Shop Check it out and maybe you'll want to proudly wear some Kevin Slick originals, boldly saying...something.

New Tunes 

Notice the title says "New Tunes" that's because these are all instrumental tunes, no words. I've been working on crafting tunes that are easy to play and hopefully easy to love. I've been studying the old fiddle tunes that many of us learned when we first started playing mandolin or fiddle. Here's one called Walking on the 4th of July,  a slow one called Sunrise and one that features mandolin and banjo playing the melody called Mountain Laurel. Coming up with titles is one of the hardest things about…

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High Mountain Hay Fever 

High Mountain Hay Fever continues to be one of the highlights of my year. Ron Thomason is not only a delightful performer with Dry Branch Fire Squad and as a brilliant comic but he programs an exceptional collection of diverse and yet connected and cohesive music at this festival. The relatively small scale of the festival means that fans can chat with artists in a casual atmosphere and the views around the festival site are spectacular. 

I played this year with The Savage Hearts Trio of Annie Savage…

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Rockin' in Pittsburgh 

Most of the time you'll see me playing banjo, guitar or mandolin in bluegrass circles but from time to time I reach back to my musical roots which are firmly planted in rock and pop of the 1960s-70s. Each year I am a part of the Monster Bash Film Convention in Pittsburgh, organized by my old friend (we've known each other since junior high) Ron Adams. One of my many activities is playing old rock and roll with friends in a group called The Bash Boys. Here's a good example of what that looks like.

That good old "alien sounding music" 

I was interviewed on the ever-changing world of bluegrass music, how I first discovered the genre and what our band, The Savage Hearts is doing these days.

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CBMS Hall of Honor Update. 

Here's a nice article that appeared in Bluegrass Today about The Colorado Bluegrass Music Society's Hall of Honor Ceremony at the Mid Winter Bluegrass Festival.